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6 Ways to Effectively Remove Acne Scars and Blemishes

If at some point you had acne then you might have been left with embarrassing, ugly scars. There are ways to diminish and reduce the appearance of the acne scars. The severity of the scars will determine what you will need to do to diminish them. I would recommend seeking advice from a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon to determine the best course of action.


Home dermabrasion and chemical peels can help diminish some scarring especially if you also use retinol or alpha hydroxyl acid lotions or creams. For sensitive skin you may not want to apply retinol or alpha hydroxyl products right after dermabrasion or peels because it can cause redness and irritation. Other products you can try are scar reducing creams like Mederma or Rosehip seed oil which is said to be great at reducing scar tissue. Aloe Vera juice and gels and lavender oils are also said to work well on reducing scars.

Professional treatments for scarring include Laser Resurfacing which involves the use of a laser to remove skin so new skin can form in its place. Laser resurfacing can cause uneven skin tones in people with darker skin. It is still being studied but shows a lot of promise. After treatment you may experience redness and swelling which may last for several weeks.

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a dermatologist applies a chemical solution to the skin which results in the skin peeling off leaving the skin smoother with less blemishes. However, are pros and cons to getting a chemical peel:

  • Getting a chemical peel can cause redness, and sometimes swelling and cold sores, for up to seven days.
  • This treatment also is less expensive  than Laser treatments because you typically will need only one treatment session.

Dermabrasion has been around for decades. Originally sandpaper was used to remove damaged skin. Now a machine rotates to remove the damaged skin, the skin is numbed or frozen first. After the procedure your skin is raw and scabs will form. After the scabs heal your skin will be reddish for several weeks.

Augmentation is a procedure where material like collagen or your own fat will be injected under the scar to bring it to the surface. The treatments last for about six months but they are working on more permanent solutions.

Subcision is a technique that detaches the scar from deeper tissue and allows a pool of blood to form under the scar. The blood clots and helps form connective tissue under the scar to level it with the rest of the skin surface. Subcision is usually combined with either dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.

For very mild scarring you can try a few at home procedures and products to help reduce the appearance of the scars. Fra Fra's Naturals Dark Spot Reducing Whipped Shea Butter and Liquid African Black Soap are all natural ways to fade dark spots and acne scars. 

Raw Shea butter has a variety of skin and hair benefits. It is know to be effective at treating acne and blemishes as well and dark spots and acne scars. What gives raw Shea butter this amazing power is its antioxidant properties and its cell regeneration properties. It also has a high consistency of Vitamin E, which helps to regenerate new skin cells and can lighten brown spots or scars found on the face. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that protects your skin from further damage from free radicals and UV exposure. Shea butters cell regenerating properties come from its high levels of fatty acids.

Liquid African Black Soap is a natural source of Vitamins A & E and iron. Vitamin A enhances collagen production, while Vitamin E promotes healing and moisturizes the skin. On the other hand, iron boosts the benefits of these vitamins.  As a result, there's less inflammation and improved skin appearance.

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