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Why You Must Try Dry Skin Brushing At Least Once In Your Life

Does skin brushing really help??    There has been a lot of buzz about dry brushing in the beauty industry. If you haven't heard about dry brushing it involves daily massage with a dry, stiff-bristled brush. As we all know, there is always a new skin trend popping up that is the miraculous cure all. Most of these trends fade away once it is discovered that the results are temporary, or worse, false. Enter dry skin brushing.   There have been a variety of health claims about dry brushing: Helps with flaky, dry, winter skin Increases circulation Aids in digestion Improves the look of cellulite Promotes detoxification  So the question is "does skin brushing really deliver?"  The answer is yes, mostly....

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How to use Essential oils support your hair care routine

You can add essential oils to natural shampoos and conditioners as well depending on your hair type and what support you want to provide. Be sure you are using a natural, chemically free shampoo and conditioner without the parabens and sodium laurel sulfate which is damaging to not just your hair but can disrupt many things within your body.There are many essential oils that may help support the varying hair types. 

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Do you have dry skin? Could dehydration be the problem?

The skin is our largest organ and consist of skin cells made of water. It is a fact that without proper hydration organs will begin to fail. However, according to leading dermatologist external factors influence skin dryness more than internal factors. What dry skin needs the most is products that help to reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

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