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5 Ways to Protect Your Cuticles from Winter Damage

If you're a nail biter or suffer from dry skin, then you'll know how painful cracked cuticles can be. Not only do they look bad, they can also make you feel as if you have something nasty lurking beneath the nail. There are all sorts of reasons why your cuticles might suffer from trauma — everything from dehydration to constant exposure to water and detergent. While no two people are the same, there are a few tips that will help all cuticle sufferers.

  1. Wear gloves during the colder months - Wearing gloves in the colder months will help protect your hands from the elements. Colder temperatures can cause your cuticles to dry out and crack. When your cuticles are dry, it’s easier for bacteria to grow which can lead to infections.
  2. Use butters and creams to protect your nails - Shea butter is a great product to use to strengthen and protect your nails and cuticles. It’s rich in vitamins and nutrients and can help your nails and cuticles become stronger and healthier over time. It also helps prevent your hands from becoming dry and flaky.
  3. Make sure you're not over-buffing your nails (a common cause of damaged cuticles) - A lot of people think that the more time they spend buffing their nails, the better they’ll look. However, the opposite is true. The more you buff your nails, the more you can damage your cuticles and nails, so try to resist the urge to over-buff.
  4. Protect your hands with thicker gloves when doing outdoor activities like shoveling snow or raking leaves - Protecting your hands with thicker gloves is important because most injuries occur in the colder months when most people are doing outdoor activities like shoveling snow or raking leaves. The most common injuries are abrasions, lacerations, and fractures. But, if your hands are protected, you can stay active all winter long.
  5. Invest in some Biotin supplements -Biotin is a B vitamin that is essential for nail and cuticle health. It encourages healthy nail formation and helps promote the growth of new cells, making it a vital ingredient for healthy nails and cuticles. It is also used to treat nail and cuticle psoriasis and eczema.

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