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Five Techniques To Improve Scalp Acne

I’ve talked about acne before, but I haven’t talked about the acne that gets on your scalp. Yes, for some people this is a huge problem! Personally I get it around my hairline really badly and it really irritates me.

Here are some of the reasons why people get scalp acne:

  • Dead skin cells or clogging of the pores due to oils. There can be a buildup of products on the scalp, such as dry shampoo, leave in treatments, hairspray or hair-gels.
  • Athletes can develop scalp acne from tight fitting headgear. The headgear can cause the sweat build up on the headgear, as well as the constant rubbing back and forth on the forehead and scalp.
  • Over washing or under washing hair can also be the culprit. Washing car too frequently can strip the scalp of the protective sebum which can increase the risk of bacteria getting into your pores. Under washing could cause bacteria to stay on your scalp causing it to get into your pores.  
There are things that you can do to help treat scalp acne - 
  1. Make sure you are styling your hair with the right products. Use oil based products in moderation. Switch to all-natural hair care products. 
  2. Make sure that your shampoo is doesn’t have all the nasty chemicals in them such as sodium Laurethsulfate(SLS), triclosan, polysorbates and so on. For more information you can look up a list on google of the different chemicals to look out for. Ingredients you do want to keep an eye on when looking at different shampoos are salicylic acid, to help get rid of dead skin cells. Glycolic acid, which helps exfoliate the scalp. Tea tree oil, to help eliminate bacteria on the scalp, and ketoconazole which is an anti fungal  agent that may approve scaly or red skin.
  3. Wash your hair after exercising. Since excess sweat can cause scalp acne be sure to cleanse your hair after every work out. The longer you ain’t after exercising to wash the greater the chance of a breakout.
  4. Apple cider vinegar is a restorative hair rinse. It restores the scalps pH levels and and is a natural way to treat scalp acne. Simply rinse with one part vinegar and two parts water. 
  5. Liquid African Black soap is an awesome alternative to commercial shampoo products. It has all-natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that deeply yet gently cleanses and soothes the scalp without over drying.



Randi Bannister. Is a University of Michigan-Flint student majoring in marketing and communications. She will be obtaining a bachelor’s degree in December of 2019. Some little fun facts about Randi is that she is a quadruplet, and grew up in the Swartz Creek, Fenton area in MI. She has a love for kids and a love for fitness!

“I am excited to be able to take this experience interning with Fra Fra’s Naturals and be able to use it with later careers.“
- Randi Bannister

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