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Almond Oil for Undereye Circles

The under eye skin tends to be a more sensitive area. It’s also the part of your face that begins showing signs of aging first. This area is prone to dark circles because the skin is so thin that it shows the swollen blood vessels just beneath the surface.

Under the eyes is also prone to swelling and puffiness due to a lack of elasticity and often shows wrinkles and fine lines. If you spend time out in the sun without protection, even for just a couple hours, you might be surprised at how visible the wrinkles under your eyes become.

Treating the area beneath the eyes can be a little tricky. Tugging and pulling can damage the skin, plus you need to be cautious of any chemicals or additives in creams that could damage the eye itself. Not only that, but allergies, illness and even lack of sleep can change the texture of this area of skin from day to day.

While there are several simple remedies you can use for treating the area under the eyes, almond oil is probably one of the better solutions. Almond oil is rich in vitamins D and E, so it will add valuable nutrition to this area. Using almond oil is also gentle and much safer to use in this area, since it’s a natural product without a lot of chemicals or preservatives. It’s great for softening this area, which will make lines and wrinkles less apparent. It also helps relieve the look of deep, dark circles which can form under the eye from time to time.

You can apply the almond oil either with your finger tip or by using a cotton swab. Make sure you are careful not to get it too close to the lash line, as you may accidentally end up with it in your eyes. It takes a little while to absorb, so it’s ideally used at night before bedtime, but you can also use it as part of your morning routine. If using it during the day, you should allow half an hour or so for the oil to absorb properly before applying make up or other skin creams.

Almond oil is a safe and natural anti-aging ingredient that has been used for centuries to reduce wrinkles, keep bags and dark circles from forming and soften the skin. A little almond oil under your eyes every day, and your eyes will be looking fresh and bright in no time.

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