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Causes and cures for bad breath

Bad Breath is a serious issue for many people and might be rather embarrassing. There are many causes of bad breath with some being chronic conditions and others being short term issues. In this blog post we will discuss the reasons behind bad breath as well because how to cure bad breath and regain the confidence to get up close and personal again.


Causes of Bad Breath


One of several very common but reasonably temporary causes of bad breath is garlic. Garlic stays with us for quite a while even after we’ve finished eating. This happens because the active ingredients are distributed around the blood stream and are generally then expelled by the bronchi as you breathe.

Brushing and flossing do get rid of some of the spell but you will just have to ride it out. The good thing about garlic breath is that it will naturally fade within a few hours.


Tobacco is another substance that may cause bad breath. Smoking effects oral hygiene and encourages gum disease which can often be a big contributing factor to bad breath. The obvious and only way to fix bad breath caused by smoking is to give up using tobacco.


Yet another cause of bad breath is post-nasal drip which can be as a result of an allergic reaction. Post-nasal drip is the result of excessive mucus being produced through the sinuses. Mucus is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria growth and the bacteria will lead to bad breath.


A surprising simple cause of bad breath is dry mouth. Dry mouth can be caused by allergies and can also be caused by some medications for example asthma and bronchitis inhalers. These kind of medications can have an impact on your saliva production and actually a reduction in the volume saliva produced. This causes your mouth to become dry and because of this there is less oxygen available and creates ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. The increased bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue is what causes the bad breath.


Lastly, the most common cause of chronic bad breath is generally plaque build up. Plaque build up causes small pockets to appear between the teeth and gums. These pouches then fill up with foodstuff particles and bacteria. Normal brushing and even flossing will not be able to clean these pockets completely.



Cures for Bad Breath


There are several cures and remedies for smelly breath but to get the greatest result it is best to identify the cause.


Here are some cures that you could try for bad breath:


Your crucial point is to ensure that you practice sound oral hygiene. Brush your teeth and tongue 2 times a day and floss once a day. Research has shown that people who floss have better breath than people who do not floss. Flossing will help remove trapped food particles and reduce bacterial growth. 


If you have dry mouth you may need to get an artificial saliva substitute from your dentist. Dry mouth could be the result of a hypersensitivity. Work with your physician and dentist to determine which allergen is causing the problem. Visit a dental hygienist regularly for a professional clean. You should have this kind of done every six months to reduce or eliminate plaque build up.


Modify your diet. The anaerobic microorganisms that cause bad breath are generally protein rich foods. Vegetarians that eat less protein foods have much less problems with smelly breath.


Drink water with a twist of lemon or lime to reduce bacteria and freshen up your breath. Alternatively you can eat yogurt. Eating plain yogurt can easily eliminate bad breath and prevent it from reoccurring. Yogurt contains good bacteria and has numerous health benefits. 

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