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4 Life Hacks to Achieve and Maintain Radiant Skin

 Hack #1 - Get Outside

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Make it a point to get some fresh air every day. Go for a walk with the family or sit outside and enjoy your morning coffee. It has also been shown to give your serotonin production a kick in the rear which is why communing with nature is a sure fire way to get an energy boost and relieve stress. It also gives you a chance to soak up some vitamin D in its best form. Vitamin D is vital for our well being and plays a key role in skin health by supporting skin cell rejuvenation. It also helps to destroy pesky free radicals which cause premature aging although there is such a thing as too much sun. Make sure you are using the appropriate sunscreen and monitor your exposure.


 Hack #2 - Eat the Rainbow



What you put in your body is just important to your overall skin health as what you put on your body. Eating a well balanced diet goes a long way towards maintaining a healthy radiant glow. Strive to include a variety of colorful foods in your diet. Especially the following glow-giving, skin-lovin' foods below:


  • Kale - A Superfood that is delicious (I don't care what you say. If you don't love it you obviously didn't prepare it right!), rich in beauty giving nutrients and is detoxifying to boot!
  • Fish – We all know that fish is a rich source of Omega 3's which can protect our skin from sun damage, rehydrate dry skin, reduce acne and accelerate healing. But wait, there is more...Fish is an AMAZING source of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that is up to 50x more powerful than Vitamin C and Beta Carotene. It has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and help maintain a youthful appearance. 
  • Sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoes are a great because they provide high levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A derivatives have been shown to help reduce oil production in the skin and is effective at treating acne. 
  • Avocados - Avocados aren't trendy for no reason! These little gems boast high levels of healthy oils and vitamin E, both of which provide the building blocks for healthy skin cell function and may also help improve barrier function and hydration.


Hack #3 - Catch Some Z's

This is one of the most well known and necessary life hacks. Sleep deprivation will leave you groggy and irritable with puffy eyes and dull skin.  This is because when your not getting the appropriate amount of sleep, ie. sleeping less than 6 - 8 hours a night, your body produces an increased amount of inflammatory causing chemicals which lead to premature aging. Another thing that happens when we are sleep deprived is that our bodies begin to crave carbohydrates – typically in the form of refined sugar, refined carbohydrates or alcohol. This is because it's the body's is seeking for a quick energy boost even though it will inevitably end with an energy crash. 

Hack #4 - Invest in a Jade Roller

A good facial massage will increase the circulation to your face and brighten your skin in a matter of minutes. A jade roller is a wonderful way to give your face a little pick me up and the cool, smooth texture will feel oh so goood! You can find a Jade roller relatively cheap on Amazon but using a cold spoon will do just as well. 


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