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A Brief History of Oils - Fact vs Myth

What is the History of Essential Oils?


The First Usage

The first known existence and thus usage of essential oils was linked directly to the Egyptians, when over 90 gallons of preserved essential oil was discovered in King Tut's tomb. In addition to the discovery of the oils, there have been scrolls recovered that describe different methods of treating medical problems with the oils.

French Revelations

At some point in the 1920's or 1930's, a French cosmetic scientist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse was working in his lab when an accident happened that severely burnt his arm. He quickly immmersed his arm in a vat of lavender oil, thinking that it was water. A few moments later, the burning had subsided and the healing process had begun. He cared for his arm in the following weeks, treating the burns with lavender oil, and it healed very well. He performed further tests and research on the oil's medicinal properties, which led to its use on wounded World War II soldiers. The wounds responded well to the oils, perhaps even better than the standard antibiotics.


Around the same time, another physician named Royal R. Rife was performing research on frequencies and their correlation to everyday life. He found that everything had a frequency, including diseases, and by interrupting that frequency, one could stop the disease. He also discovered that essential oils have the highest frequency known, so they worked the best at stopping diseases and treating other problems. There are a lot of flaws in this theory. Vibrational frequencies in molecules such as those found in Essential Oils are in the range of 10,000 GHz to 400,000 GHz which is 7 million times faster than then the so-called disease frequency. If a company tries to seek you an essential oil at an premium price because of its healing frequency then it is “Buyer Beware.”

Today's Oils


Today, there are literally thousands of essential oil vendors spread around the globe, supplied by hundreds of producers. Some oil vendors offer high-quality, pure essential oils, and some offer oils that are closer to being fragrance oils. The essential oil consumer must be aware that in order to receive the full benefit of essential oils, they must be sure of the purity of their purchases. Unfortunately, with some unethical vendors on the market, the best way to purchase oils is to get referrals from trusted sources, and purchase from an honest company.

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