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5 Reasons to Use Onion Oil for Skin Care and How To Make Your Own

What is Onion Oil? Onion oil is a thick, yellowish oil that can be extracted from red onions. It has been used in cooking for centuries and has made its way into numerous different skin care products. Not only does it have a rich, nutty flavor that can add a distinct flavor to many dishes, but it also possesses a variety of other properties that make it a very special ingredient for your skin.


5 Reasons to use onion oil

1. It reduces wrinkles and tightens skin

2: It is an antioxidant and it prevents sun damage

3: It improves your complexion and fights acne

4: It relieves itching, redness, and irritation

5: It promotes new cell growth for a healthier looking appearance


How to make onion oil

Take a few peeled red onions and cut them in halves. Put a few onion pieces into a blender to make onion juice. Grind the remaining onions to make a paste.

Pour some 

sweet almond oil, grape seed oil or sunflower seed oil and paste into a saucepan, and stir all the ingredients together. Turn on the burner, and let the mixture come to a boil then lower the heat and let it simmer, stirring continuously until the oil separates. Remove the pan from the stove and it to cool for few hours. Lastly, strain oil into an airtight container with a cheese cloth and use when needed. 

DIY Onion Oil Serum

What you will need

3 tbsp of onion juice

1/4th cup aloe vera juice

5-10 drops of vitamin E oil

Airtight bottle with dropper



Cleanse skin with a gentle cleanser and apply oil serum to face, neck and décolletage. Regular use will help to reduce inflammation, acne scarring, fine wrinkles as well as treat acne breakouts. your diy onion serum in your Fra Fra's Mini Skincare Fridge for optimal effectiveness and to prolong shelf life.

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