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Body acne

Acne is a pesky skin condition that can occur anywhere that you have pores. From bacne (acne on the back) and buttne (acne on your backside) almost every part of your body is susceptible. Acne can be genetic or it can be be the result of internal or external issues. Here are 6 tips to help control and prevent body acne:

1. Use the appropriate body wash for your skin type.

Wear natural fibers.

Avoid scratchy, itchy or tight fabrics and choose fabrics that are breathable, like cotton. This helps keep skin free from congestion caused by trapped sweat, dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria. Fabrics that are specifically engineered to wick moisture away from the skin are also helpful, especially during exercise.

2. Shower after perspiring.

Letting sweat linger promotes an acne-friendly environment on your skin.

3. Exfoliate

Acne-prone skin tends to shed more skin cells, which can clog pores and cause acne if they aren’t removed. Exfoliate with a gentle body scrub or Solid African Black Soap at least once or twice a week to help prevent acne. Avoid scrubs that use nuts, pits or shells as they can create tiny abrasions in the skin.

4. Moisturize

The skin naturally moisturizes itself with sebum (oil), but when your body’s moisture levels are off balance, your skin can overproduce oil to compensate. Moisturize daily with a non-comedogenic moisturizer like Fra Fra’s Naturals raw organic whipped Shea Butter to help prevent this.

5. Clean your cell phone daily.

Your cell phone harbors more bacteria than you know! Even if you don’t hold it against your face, you touch it with your hands, which then touch your face and spread breakout-causing bacteria. Clean it daily with an anti-bacterial wipe.

6. Wash your pillowcase.

Your pillowcase can collect oil, skin cells, bacteria and pore-clogging residue from hair products – all things that contribute to acne. Wash it at least once or twice a week help reduce congestion. Also, avoid using fabric softener or dryer sheets, which are often made with softening agents that can clog pores or irritate sensitive skin.


Acne-prone skin tends to shed more skin cells, which can clog pores and cause acne if they aren’t removed.

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