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Is Stress Pimples a Thing and How Do I Deal With Them?

Is stress giving you pimples? It may be hard to tell you not to worry because you are already worried about a lot of things. Whatever your stressors may be remember that stress takes a toll on your skin. 

Prevention is better than cure they say and in this case, we must prevent stress to prevent pimple flare ups. So how does one prevent stress? Certainly it is not impossible to do that. For one there are certain medications that prevents one from getting too stressed out – not the anxiety disorder type of medication though just anti-stress tablets. If you type anti-stress medication, a lot of brands will come up. Although these are usually sold over the counter, it would still be best to consult your physician about it to make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of the drug and also make sure that it will not react to the other medications you take.

Another choice is of course to not worry at all – this is difficult to do though but try not to stress yourself out too much because it will reflect on your general health and on your skin.

Natural Ways to Deal with Stress

Pamper yourself - A little time at the spa or just a simple massage from your favorite massage parlor will do you a lot of good. The more you pamper yourself –the less stressed you’d feel.

Exercise frequently - exercise does not only stimulate better blood circulation and improve your general health your skin will look much better too. Exercise will also boosts endorphins, which can help to control stress causing hormones and alleviate mild depression.

Reduce your caffeine intake - Caffeinated products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks and pills designed to reduce tiredness actually can increase anxiety. If you notice that caffeine makes you more susceptible to stress, consider cutting back.

Start journaling - Writing down your grievances can help release you from anxiety and reduce stress by allowing you a healthy outlet for those feelings. Another way to journal is to write a daily list of everything you are grateful for. Gratefulness can help you reduce stress by focusing on the positive instead of the negative.


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