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Skin Cancer And Why You Should ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen

 Medical professionals say that skin cancer is one of the most common types of human cancer. An estimated 1 million cases occur on a yearly basis and it is growing at an alarming rate. According to recent studies, half of all Americans who are 65 and above may also develop skin cancer within their lifetime.

The most common symptom is change in appearance i.e. new growth of extra skin or a sore that just won’t heal.

The term skin cancer however does not only refer to one condition but to 3 different conditions according to The most dangerous of which is basal cell carcinoma followed by squamous cell carcinoma and then melanoma.

What causes skin cancer though? Excessive sunlight exposure is the main culprit that’s why it is advised for you to always wear sunscreen no matter what. Sunlight has UV rays and we all know that they are harmful because they can alter the skin cells’ genetic material and as a result causes mutations. This means that you should steer clear from sunlamps, x-rays and tanning booths. When it comes to x-rays, it would be best to not go through one one after the other within a short period of time so as to give the skin and the rest of the organs some rest.

The skin’s protection is melanin that is why the lighter you are, the higher the risks of getting skin cancer. Apart from your skin color however, sun exposure and your age are also contributing factors. For example, people who are light skinned and are aged 65 or above have higher rates of developing skin cancer.

The best thing to do to keep yourself from getting skin cancer is to lessen sun exposure and wear sunscreen all the time. The US National Institutes of Health says that UV radiation is the main cause of skin cancer.

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