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What Makes Cucumbers Good For Your Skin?

Cucumbers have been a long standing folk remedy for different skin ailments. Who hasn’t at least heard of putting slices of cucumbers to rest over puffy, tired eyes to reduce the swelling?

We also see a lot of beauty products on the market that utilize cucumbers for skin radiance and moisturizing. Organic and commercial products both take advantage of the natural benefits from cucumbers. So what is it about cucumbers that have made them a beauty staple for generations?

The secret to cucumbers is actually in the seeds itself. The oil from the dried seeds is extracted and used as an ingredient in all types of products to aid with skin conditions. Everything from skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis to more common afflictions such as painful sunburns can be treated with products made from the oil of cucumber seeds.

The oil from cucumber seeds contains a wealth of Vitamin C, plus it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, which is why cucumber slices work so well on the baggy eyes. It’s also rich in several other nutrients and minerals, such as magnesium, chlorine and potassium, just to name a few.

These nutrients are great for daily skin care. The natural hydration properties from the oil of cucumber seeds will keep your skin well moisturized as well as offering natural toning to your skin, smoothing out redness and calming irritations. It encourages the growth of new skin cells, which keeps your skin vibrant and fresh looking, making it a great anti-aging solution.

Cucumber seed oil is also great for shiny, manageable hair and is often found as a staple ingredient in both shampoos and conditioners.

While the oil from the seeds has the most concentrated nutrients, the cucumber itself is also rich in anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Peels from the cucumber make a fantastic and refreshing skin mask, offering rich hydration, while reducing redness, irritation and puffiness.

While there are some folk remedies that are more myth than reality, the cucumber is the real deal when it comes to beautiful skin and hair.

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