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Do you have dry skin? Could dehydration be the problem?

The skin is our largest organ and consist of skin cells made of water. It is a fact that without proper hydration organs will begin to fail. However, according to leading dermatologist external factors influence skin dryness more than internal factors. What dry skin needs the most is products that help to reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

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5 Tips to Get and maintain glowing skin that everyone should know

In the era of photoshop beauty and instafilters we are barraged with images of perfect, poreless, wrinkle free skin. Um, that’s not real life okay? Everyone has flaws. BUT, there are ways that you can improve your skin to make it healthier and more resilient without breaking the bank. Do most of your skincare at night - The skin repairs itself overnight. Stick to a light cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock in the morning. Massage rather than slather on your moisturizer - First of all it feels good, second of all it promotes circulation which helps with the absorption of the moisturizer and gives the appearance of tighter younger skin...but don’t rub too hard though! Don’t use more than 2-3 products...

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