Fra Fra's Naturals | Premium Dark Spot Reducing Shea Butter Blend

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Raw Shea butter has a variety of skin and hair benefits. It is know to be effective at treating acne and blemishes as well ad dark spots and acne scars. What gives raw Shea butter this amazing power is its antioxidant properties and its cell regeneration properties.

Raw Shea butter has a high consistency of Vitamin E, which helps to regenerate new skin cells and can lighten brown spots or scars found on the face. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that protects your skin from further damage from free radicals and UV exposure. Shea butters cell regenerating properties come from its high levels of fatty acids. Stearic fatty acid and allatonin are naturally occurring fatty acids found in Grade A raw Shea butter. These two components decrease the healing time after minor skin injuries and blemishes. 

Like all of our whipped Shea butter products this creamy supple body butter is packed with vitamins and skin noursishing minerals that will balance and calm troubled skin leaving you soft and refreshed. 

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